Thank a utility worker

Throughout my years working as a lineman, I had to be prepared for any situation. Whether it was ice storms,  tornadoes or regular on-the-job hazards, we all had to be ready. Working in this industry, I’ve also seen changes in technology that make our utilities run more effectively and efficiently. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, employees at Fayetteville Public Utilities embraced the change. They have shown up each day as essential workers and continue to serve our community.
Their work was not without change. Outside employees became accustomed
to additional personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves. We changed how we met with customers, asking that they communicate with us over the phone or by email whenever possible. We closed our lobbies, and employees worked split shifts, many of them coming in earlier and staying later than they usually did.
Throughout all of the challenges the past year threw at us, our employees and our utilities have remained resilient. Staff members have put themselves at risk to continue to offer services to our community. They have sacrificed attending social gatherings with their families and friends to keep their fellow employees safe.
There are many days throughout the year that honor different branches of our utility. We celebrate Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day in March, National Lineman Appreciation Day and Administrative Professionals’ Day in April and National IT Professionals’ Day in September. At FPU, we don’t just celebrate these individuals once a year. We honor all of our  employees every day. It’s easy to take for  granted the quality of life that FPU’s reliable and affordable services provide.
But for many of our operations folks, that means spending time away from their families to provide outstanding service to our customers. What we do at FPU is more than just a job. We are here to take care of the people in our community, keeping the lights on, homes heated, water flowing and internet working. And while it’s true that we provide power, water, wastewater, natural gas and telecom services, we provide so much more.
None of what we do would be possible without the dedication of FPU’s employees. Crews work in frigid cold temperatures, the heat of summer and through pelting rain and hail.
The next time you see FPU employees, take a minute to thank them for everything they do. The quality and reliability of FPU services would not be possible without all our employees’ hard work.