Fayetteville Public Utilities (FPU) will deliver bills monthly. Payments may be made in the office, by mail, bank draft, night deposit box, telephone, internet and at most local banks.  Bills can be paid in the office by cash, check, electronic check, cashier’s check, money order, debit card or credit card. Electronic check, debit card and credit card payments are accepted using the telephone or internet options.

Customers may elect to receive electronic notification of their billing statement in lieu of a paper copy. Any such election shall apply to all forms of communication between FPU and the customer. Customers desiring to receive electronic bill presentation and electronic termination notices must enroll in FPU’s electronic notice program by completing the
applicable form and consenting to its terms and conditions.

Failure to receive a bill will not release customers from their payment obligations. The due date for payment of the bill will be 15 days from the date on the bill. Payments made after the due date will be subject to five percent (5%) late payment charge which will be added to the unpaid portion of the bill after the net payment period. Payments must be received prior to the close of normal business hours of the due date to avoid late payment charge. Payments made in the night deposit box will be credited to the accounts the next business day.

Should bills not be paid by close of business on the due date specified on the bill, service may be discontinued as set out in the Termination of Service Policy.

Should the due date fall on a weekend or holiday, the next business day following the due date will be held as a day of grace for payment to be received.

If the bill remains unpaid after the due date, a disconnect notice will be mailed to the customer, except in instances in which customers have elected to receive electronic disconnection notices. The disconnect notice will provide the past due amount and the disconnect date, which shall be no earlier than five calendar days after the due date. 
Approved by FPU Board of Directors - October 28, 2015
Effective date - January 1, 2016