To give customers receiving a monthly social security or disability check, who request and qualify, the opportunity to pay their electric, gas, water and waste water, and/or telecom bills later than the due date by allowing additional time to make payment.

1. To be eligible the following must be met:

A. Social security benefits OR permanently disabled receiving disability benefits must be the primary means of paying the utility bill. Proof of income must accompany 

b. Customer applying for Delayed Payment Plan must have applicable utility services in his/her name.

2. The required application must be completed and approved by Fayetteville Public Utilities.

3. The meter(s) will be read and billed as scheduled.

4. All bills must be paid in full each month. A customer will be removed from the plan if delinquent in payment two times during any twelve-month period after being placed on the plan or if utilities are cut 
off or nonpayment. A customer may cancel at any time.

5. Once removed from the Delayed Payment Plan, the customer may be reinstated to the plan, if approved, after one year.
Approved by FPU Board of Directors - March 23, 2011
Effective date – March 23, 2011