All FPU Internet accounts include two e-mail addresses. Currently, additional addresses may be purchased for $4.00 per month if needed. Prices stated below reflect residential and commercial internet service.

*Rates effective as of July 1, 2023*

Do NOT include taxes or franchise fees***
Download Speed:
75 Megabits/second

Upload Speed:
7.5 Megabits/second

Modem Required:
Docsis 3.0*
Download Speed:
100 Megabits/second

Upload Speed:
10 Megabits/second

Modem Required:
Docsis 3.0*
Download Speed:
125 Megabits/second

Upload Speed:
12.5 Megabits/second

Modem Required:
Docsis 3.0*
*Or later.  New customers will be required to purchase, rent, or supply a Docsis 3.0 or later modem.  FPU can only officially support Motorola or Arris brand modems; Due to firmware updates applied by other cable companies other brand modems may not work well.

**Prices listed do not include taxes and franchise fees.


Static IP Addresses: $14.95 per month

You may connect as many computers as you wish to the internet through a single cable connection, but you must use a router (not provided by FPU) to do so. Their bandwidth will be shared (3 Mb will be shared across however many computers you have connected to a single modem). Multiple cable modems for multiple computers at one location are multiple accounts and will be billed accordingly.

Requirements for Fayetteville Public Utilities' High-Speed Cable Broadband Internet Service:

Cable Modem: This is an external modem that connects your computer to FPU cable through which your Internet service is delivered.
Modem Purchase from FPU: $100.00
Modem Lease from FPU: 

If you decide to purchase a modem elsewhere it must be DOCSIS 3.0 (older 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 version modems are no longer supported) compatible reputable name brand modem. FPU only directly supports Motorola and Arris brand modems. DOCSIS 3.1 modems will function on our
network, but will provide no additional benefit. To get internet access with Fayetteville Public Utilities your computer must have a functioning network card/ethernet port, or you may connect a wireless router to the modem for your wireless devices. FPU provided cable modems do not have built in wireless or router capability.

Fiber-to-home (EPON) customers are required to rent an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) from FPU. 


Other Charges:

Initial Service Connection includes one service drop and one outlet.

Service Fee: $25.00 This fee is charged to establish internet service.

Trip Charge for Customer Problem during Business Hours: $30.00

Trip Charge for Customer Problem After
Hours : $50.00