Some users, especially with Android phones, prefer to use Gmail for all their email needs. While it is certainly possible to setup multiple email accounts on your Android device, it is also possible to setup Gmail to pull mail from your email account. These instructions will walk you through this process.

First, in Gmail, select the settings pulldown on the far right of the page, right under your picture and notification icons.
Select the Settings option.
On the settings tab, select Accounts and Import then Add a POP3 mail account you own.
A window will pop up. Enter your email address in the box and click [Next Step >>].
On the next page, fill out the appropriate data. You should only select 'Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server.' if you are using another mail client to check your mail, as otherwise your account will eventually reach it's maximum storage (1 GB) on our server and stop receiving mail. Once your information is filled in, click [Add Account >>].
Now you have the basic setup done, but you may want to continue if you wish to be able to send mail as your email address. It's best when doing that if the mail goes through our server, as otherwise spam filters tend to think the mail may not be valid. So to do this, select the Yes line, and click [Next Step >>].
Put in your Name in the name box, and make sure 'Treat as an alias' is checked.

If you want a different Reply-to address, click the link that says 'Specify a different "reply-to" address'. What's a reply-to address? It's a 'I'm sending the email from this address but any response needs to come to this different address' option. An example usage: You have a business that has gotten its own domain name but used to use an address for all of its communications. When someone sends you an email, it is better to respond from the same email address the mail was sent to. Some advanced spam filters track things like that. However, you want any future communications to occur on a different email address. By setting a reply-to, if the other user replys to your email it will go to your new account instead.
If you want a reply-to, enter it in the address box, and in either case, click [Next Step >>].
Now you need to setup your email to actually send through our server. Enter the approriate information, then click [Add Account >>].
To verify the sending permissions, Google will send an email to your email account. You can either check your email through a different method and get the confirmation code or you can simply wait for Google to check the mail and click the link they sent you. Click 'Close Window'. You are done.