TVA Actions Ensure Long-Term Renewable Commitment

The Tennessee Valley Authority and local power distributors are making sure one of the Southeast's most successful renewable energy initiatives will continue to be available for smaller renewable powe

Planned power outage, 8/22/11

FPU electric crews have planned an outage for a small area in Lincoln County in order to safely complete line maintenance work.  It will be necessary to interrupt the electric service for three

Student Utility Board holds first meeting for 2011-12; Scott receives utility scholarship

Fayetteville Public Utilities kicked off its first 2011-12 Student Utility Board (SUB) meeting on August 11 at the utility's main office.

FPU to begin "smoke testing" sewer lines

Fayetteville Public Utilities is conducting a smoke test of its sanitary sewer system.

TVA's Fuel Cost Explained

The Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA) Total Monthly Fuel Cost seems to be the subject of conversation again lately as TVA continues to increase the amount of the monthly charge.

Four students experience Youth Tour to DC

Four local students joined nearly 140 young leaders for a tour of our nation's capital.

Water and sewer rates to increase in spite of decreased budgets

Increases of four percent in water rates and 12 percent in wastewater rates were recommended to Fayetteville Public Utilities by the Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS), which conducts annual

Tennessee's Move Over Law now covers utility workers

The next time you see an electric utility vehicle working on the side of the road, slow down and give it room. The workers will appreciate your courtesy, and a new Tennessee law requires it.

Summer electric rates effective June 1, 2011

Electric consumers will see an increase in their June bills due to TVA's seasonal demand and energy rate structure implemented in April and an increase in TVA's total monthly fuel cost along with unus

Cable, Internet Rates to Increase July 1

Citing a combination of increasing costs of cable programming and the cost associated with continuing to upgrade Internet bandwidth, Fayetteville Public Utilities announced last week that rates f

FPU's water system makes the grade

In a recent very detailed sanitary survey conducted by the State of Tennessee's Department of Environment and Conservation Division of Water Supply, Fayetteville Public Utilities' Water Treatment Plan

FPU restores service to 4,447 customers after last week’s storm; sends crew to Alabama to aid in rebuild efforts

The first power outage call to Fayetteville Public Utilities came at 5:46 am on Wednesday, April 27, as an EF2 tornado swept through southwest Lincoln County.

TVA rate structure effective this month

Beginning this month, TVA has changed the way it charges power distributors like Fayetteville Public Utilities for the total adjustable fuel cost and has implemented the wholesale seasonal rate struct

Fayetteville Public Utilities begins natural gas "tie line" construction

The Fayetteville Public Utilities Natural Gas Department has begun construction of a new "tie line" to provide an alternate/secondary natural gas feed to consumers and enhance system reliabi

Student Utility Board tours natural gas operation

The Fayetteville Public Utilities Student Utility Board learned about the natural gas department during their March meeting.

FPU announces lowest natural gas rate since August 2004

Fayetteville Public Utilities announced this week that they are lowering residential gas rates by five cents per hundred cubic feet (ccf) effective on bills received in March.

Meadows and Refer to attend Youth Leadership Summit

Two high school students, Caroline Meadows and Chris Refer, have been selected to attend the 2011 Youth Leadership Summit in Nashville, TN, March 21- 23.  The Youth Leadership Summit is sponsore

Students learn about FPU and electricity

As Askins Elementary School kindergarteners focus on "Letter E Week," employees from Fayetteville Public Utilities teach the students about electricity and how to use it safely.

March is Cross Connection Awareness Month

When water flows backward through the water supply system, it is called backsiphonage or backflow.

Dewater process brings short-term solution for biosolid disposal

Fayetteville Public Utilities has begun a new operation at the Wastewater Treatment Plant called a dewatering process to remove excess water in the biosolid waste for disposal at a landfill located in

FPU remembers Todd McAlister with benefit

The community showed an outpouring of support and generosity toward the Raymond Todd McAlister family as hundreds converged on the Lincoln County Fairgrounds for the benefit organized by the employees

FPU announces lowest February gas rate since 2005

Fayetteville Public Utilities announced this week that they are lowering residential gas rates by two cents per hundred cubic feet (ccf) effective on the February bills.

Electric rate structure changes near

In last week's edition, Fayetteville Public Utilities announced the April 1 changes to electric rates imposed by the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Changes on the way with new TVA rate structure

After more than two years of planning, Tennessee Valley Authority and the distributors of TVA power are preparing to implement new rate structures that will provide better price signals to consumers a

Moving forward on sewer issues

Fayetteville Public Utilities' main responsibility is the lawful operation of utility service for the citizens of Fayetteville and Lincoln County.

Be Prepared for Winter Outages

Fayetteville Public Utilities works hard to keep the power on for its customers, but severe weather can sometimes cause outages. 

Help your neighbors with Project Help

What can you do with $1 a month?  You can help warm the homes of your elderly and disabled neighbors this winter.

Grind a pine, save landfill space


The employees of Fayetteville Public Utilities will be recycling your live Christmas trees into useable mulch in the Grind a Pine recycling event.

75 years of lighting the way, improving rural lives

First light in BlancheSome of you were around back in the 1930s and 1940s and can remember when you

Enjoy an everGREEN holiday season

Holidays are a festive time of year with gifts, fun decorations, family visits and lots of laughter. But they can also ring in extra energy use for heating, decorative lights and more.

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