FPU receives high marks on water survey

In a recent very detailed sanitary survey conducted by the State of Tennessee’s Department of Environment and Conservation Division of Water Supply, Fayetteville Public Utilities’ Water Treatment Plant received a score of 99 on its water treatment process and quality of water produced.


The sanitary survey is conducted to evaluate and document the water system’s operations, sources, facilities, treatment process, monitoring and reporting, pump facilities, controls and making sure FPU is continually providing safe drinking water to the public. Sanitary surveys, which are conducted every 24 months, are unannounced. FPU is given a 24 hour notice informing them of the state officials expected arrival. 


 In accordance with the Sanitary Survey Manual FPU Water System earned 594 points out of a possible 599 points for the numerical score of ninety-nine percent. FPU’s main water treatment facility located along the Elk River received the seal of approval on April 2 in accordance with the Tennessee Safe Drinking Water Act and the Sanitary Survey Manual for Public Community Water Supplies. 


The sanitary survey letter from TDEC finds “all buildings and equipment used in and for the production and distribution of water to be well maintained and be reliable and fit for the purpose for which they are used”.  


“Our water treatment plant and water distribution employees are dedicated to providing   Fayetteville with safe, clean, quality drinking water,” says Britt Dye, CEO and General Manager of Fayetteville Public Utilities. “Each year we must deal with tougher regulations and testing requirements, but our water employees always rise to the challenge and meet every standard.”


Fayetteville Public Utilities’ water system has a water storage capacity just over 4.4 million gallons. The treatment plant is designed to produce a maximum of 4.5 million gallons of drinking water per day. On average the plant produces 2 million gallons per day. FPU’s water distribution system contains 5,545 connections and supplies water to over 12,000 residents.