FPU Youth Board Learns about Electricity, Visits Substation


Fayetteville Public Utilities (FPU) Student Utility Board met on September 13th to learn about FPU’s Electric Department. Supervisors from Electric Engineering and Operations described the functions of each department, it’s importance and how it connects to other departments.

The youth board started their day by viewing the digital mapping system which aids engineers when planning for new electric construction and provides service crews with detailed information about a customer’s existing service. 

The students went on to meet some of FPU’s linemen where they learned about the tools and equipment used for building and maintaining electric lines. Linemen explained how the dangers of the job have changed over the years and demonstrated new equipment that is keeping them safe. Several of the youth board members even tried on safety gloves and attempted to assemble a kearney split bolt — a simple task for any veteran lineman, but difficult for a newcomer.

 “The line crew has a hard and stressful job,” noted Stephen Yatsko, “and have to be very skilled to do their job.” 

Student Utility Board members rounded up the day with a tour of the Hamilton Substation and switch house. There they learned about how electricity is delivered from TVA and distributed throughout the community. 

“I love getting out in Fayetteville and seeing the substations I pass every day and think nothing of. Now I am aware of what it is and what it does,” said Tucker Lucas. 

At  FPU’s Student Utility Board’s October meeting the students will tour the FPU Water Treatment Plant and observe where the water comes from and how it is treated.