Expect a Decrease in September’s Electric Fuel Cost

Fayetteville Public Utilities (FPU) announced this week that the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) total monthly fuel cost for September will decrease by $3.21 on the average electric bill for 1,330 kilowatts. 


“While the September savings will vary depending on each customer’s kilowatt use, residential consumers who use the household average of 1,330 kilowatts can expect electric bills to decrease from $149.78 in August to $146.57 in September,” says FPU’s CEO and General Manager Britt Dye.


“TVA reports that the overall system average fuel rate is approximately 15 percent lower than the three-year average for September’s fuel cost, largely due to lower than expected purchased power expenses and higher hydro generation,” Dye adds.


September electric rates are based on TVA’s final summer month rate; October and November will reflect TVA’s transition month rates which are generally lower due to less energy used as the seasons change. For a complete listing of FPU electric rates, check the electric rates page.