Electric fuel costs will increase slightly in November

Fayetteville Public Utilities (FPU) announced this week that the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) total monthly fuel cost will increase slightly this month.

Residential consumers who use the household average of 1,330 kilowatts can expect to see a change from their October electric bill of $139.73 to $141.97 in November; the increase for the average 1,330 kilowatt use is $2.24.

TVA states that the overall average fuel cost rate is approximately 9% lower than the three- year average for November. The November fuel costs are impacted by TVA’s lower purchased power and natural gas rates and higher expectations for hydro generation.

For a complete listing of FPU electric rates, visit FPU’s website.

FPU reminds its customers that TVA’s eScore home improvement program and self audit are available to help improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Visit FPU’s website at www.fpu-tn.com to access these energy-saving programs. For a paper version of the eScore Self Audit, please visit the FPU office.

(Picture source: www.tva.gov)