Student Utility Board learns about FPU’s natural gas operations

The Fayetteville Public Utilities Student Utility Board learned about the natural gas department during their November meeting.

The day included an overview of what natural gas is and how it is delivered to Fayetteville via pipeline from the well head through two delivery points, giving FPU a redundant natural gas supply for service reliability. The FPU student board then visited the West Point Gate Station, which is one of the main delivery points for natural gas in the area. They learned about gas pressure, regulator stations and how the gas system is monitored manually and with technology using fiber links to FPU’s SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

During the introduction to FPU’s natural gas department, employees stressed the importance of safety and the “Call Before You Dig” campaign that urges all who plan to dig or excavate to notify Tennessee One-Call at 811 and request a free, professional locate of underground utility lines prior to digging to prevent personal harm and damage to buried utility lines.

The FPU Student Utility Board will meet in December to learn about and participate in the utility’s community service projects.  

SUB members Ben Robinson, Jim Hammons, Anna Belle Bradley, Kate Parkes, Calley Raby, Will Clark and Erin Wakefield tour FPU’s West Point Gate Station with Randall Griner (right) the utility’s natural gas operations superintendent. Griner explains how natural gas is delivered to the station at a higher pressure and is reduced for distribution to FPU customers.