FPU telecom rates to increase July 1

Fayetteville Public Utilities’ (FPU) cable television and high-speed Internet services will increase July 1 as the result of two continuous concerns: increasing costs of cable network programming and the costs associated with upgrading Internet bandwidth to meet customer needs.

According to FPU’s CEO and General Manager Britt Dye, cable network contract negotiations over the past year resulted in some channels and subscription packages increasing as much as 9%.

“Contract negotiations are an ongoing necessity to maintain the best pricing for our customers,” says Dye. “We choose to absorb most of the programming cost increases by evaluating our internal costs of operation and making adjustments where we can to control rate increases without sacrificing the quality of service we provide.”

“The way we conduct our daily operations helps FPU to be more efficient,” he adds, “and this helps us avoid passing along the total cost increase to our customers – not just with cable and Internet services – but with all FPU utility services.”

“We continue to offer 24/7 emergency repair and customer service and support to our customers,” said Dye. “We will continue to operate our telecom department responsibly and always in the best interest of our customers.”

Among cable packages affected by the July 1 rate increase are FPU’s Budget Basic, Basic Plus, Digital, High-Definition and the Complete Digital programming packages. Customers will also see an increase in the HBO and HBO/Cinemax premium movie channels.

Subscription rates for these programming packages are as follows: Budget Basic increases from $27.56 to $28.00; Basic Plus increases from $59.54 to $60.50; Digital Service with DVR increases from $80.08 to $81.04; Digital Service with High Definition increases from $75.92 to $76.88; and FPU’s Complete Digital Package increases from $81.12 to $82.08.

FPU’s premium HBO package increases from $16.00 to $17.46 per month while the HBO/Cinemax package increases from $22.50 to $24.00 per month.

FPU cable subscribers will also see a $1.00 per month increase on rental charges for the following equipment: digital video recording and high-definition boxes, digital converters with remotes, and cable modems for both Internet and phone services.  FPU’s inside wire maintenance charge also increases by $1.00 per month.

FPU’s cable modem Internet subscriptions for all levels of service will increase by $0.50 per month beginning July 1. There will be no increase of FPU’s phone service rates at this time.

“We remain committed to controlling our rates while providing quality, dependable service to all our customers,” says Dye. “We strive to provide telecom services that are second-to-none. Our customers are very important to us, and we work hard each day to deliver the quality and reliable services you deserve from FPU.”

FPU telecommunications customers will receive notification by direct mail concerning the July 1 rate increases.

If you have questions about the telecom rate changes, please call FPU’s customer service department at (931) 433-1522.