FPU’s youth board tours natural gas, electric facilities

The Fayetteville Public Utilities (FPU) Student Utility Board got a close-up look at the natural gas and electric departments, learning how both energy sources are delivered to Lincoln County and visiting the West Point Natural Gas Gate Station and Hamilton Electric Substation.

FPU’s Randall Griner led the focus on natural gas which included a display of various pipes and equipment used in gas line construction. Students also learned how natural gas is used in homes and businesses and how affordable the service is.

SUB members traveled to the West Point Natural Gas Gate Station to see how natural gas pressure is monitored and how it is distributed to FPU’s gas customers.

Griner also talked about natural gas safety, the importance of calling 811, the Tennessee One Call service, before digging and explained how FPU adds a non-toxic chemical called mercaptan to give natural gas a distinct odor and make detecting gas leaks easier.

“I was really interested in the different types of pipes used for natural gas line construction,” says Seth Finch, Student Utility Board (SUB) member.

FPU’s student board also took a closer look at what’s involved in keeping the lights on in our community as they visited with electric department employees. Seasoned linemen Lewis Steelman and Dale Moran and other crew members demonstrated the tools and safety equipment used on their jobs. Linemen also shared with the group some of their experiences working during storms and emergency situations.

The youth board toured the Hamilton Substation, located along Wilson Parkway. Led by FPU’s Mike Endsley, the board learned the purpose of the substation and how much electricity is delivered to our community via the Tennessee Valley Authority and FPU power lines.

“I never realized how much sacrifice and effort our linemen put forward to get the job done”, said Taylor Bryan, SUB member.

“I am very appreciative of our linemen and even more appreciative of my dad who is one of them,” says Josey Smith, SUB member.