Utility’s youth board learns about communications

Fayetteville Public Utilities’ Student Utility Board (SUB) learned the importance of utility communications while visiting behind the scenes and in front of the video camera. The students saw first-hand how local programming is produced for FPU’s Channel 6 and how the utility’s television and radio commercials are produced.

Each of the seven SUB members was interviewed by FPU’s Don Counts and Gina Warren, putting them in the spotlight and giving them the opportunity to explain what they’ve experienced while serving on FPU’s youth board and share their future plans after graduating high school.

“The TV interview was a little nerve-racking at first, but I really enjoyed talking on camera,” says Grady Wright. “I had no idea how much goes into the TV aspect of FPU.”James Keith

“This was a good opportunity for us,” says James Keith. “Not many people can say they’ve been interviewed for TV. I also enjoyed learning about the technical side behind the interviews and media production.”

“There is so much detail in creating something for TV,” says Seth Finch.

The SUB members also learned how FPU produces its radio and television commercials in-house. They saw how script writing, proper lighting and timing are all vital to promoting FPU’s products and services.

The students’ interviews can be seen on FPU’s Channel 6 and on streaming video at FPU’s website. Their TV commercial will air free-of-charge on five cable networks as part of FPU’s cross-channel advertising service agreement with Alpine Advertising. FPU cable subscribers can watch the SUB’s commercial on HGTV, Fox News, ESPN 1, ESPN 2 and TNT as well as on Channel 6.Seth Finch

In March FPU’s student board will learn about natural gas operations, and weather permitting, will visit a natural gas gate station to learn how natural gas is delivered to our community.

In the photos are (top) Fayetteville High School's James Keith as he reads his line for FPU's television and radio commercials. From left, Seth Finch from Riverside Christian Academy with FPU's Don Counts and Josey Smith from Lincoln County High School with FPU's Gina Warren during the Student Utility Board Channel 6 interviews.