FPU's "Grind a Pine" recycles Christmas trees

The employees of Fayetteville Public Utilities are partnering with Keep Fayetteville/Lincoln County Beautiful to recycle your live Christmas trees into useable mulch in the “Grind a Pine” recycling event. Dates to grind your pine and cedar Christmas trees are from Dec. 29th until Jan. 9th.

To recycle your Christmas tree, please remove all decorations, tree stands and tinsel to help reduce polluting the mulch. Bring your live cedar and pine Christmas trees to the designated location at the Lincoln County Museum.  FPU tree trimming crews will grind the trees into mulch and leave the mulch there for anyone to gather. 

You may come back to the museum site with a shovel to collect the mulch by the bagful or truck load.  This is a first-come, first-served basis, so check the site regularly for availability.

This is a free community service and recycling project co-sponsored by FPU and Keep Fayetteville/Lincoln County Beautiful.

If you have questions, please contact Gina Warren of FPU at 433-1522 or Gail Randolph of Keep Fayetteville/Lincoln County Beautiful, Inc. at 433-8208.