FPU’s student board learns about water treatment

Fayetteville Public Utilities Student Utility Board (SUB) recently toured the FPU Water Treatment Plant and learned how Fayetteville’s water is taken from the Elk River and turned into clean drinking water.  SUB2014WTP

At the Water Treatment Plant, FPU employees David Posey, Lee Bean, and Todd Sillivant explained their responsibilities, led the plant tour and detailed how the plant filters and treats water from the Elk River to deliver safe, clean drinking water to FPU’s 4,400 water service customers. Not only does FPU supply water to its customers, but it also supplies water for Petersburg Water System and some to the Lincoln County Board of Public Utilities.

SUB members also learned about plans for Fayetteville’s new water treatment plant and saw early stages of construction during their tour.

With supervised hands-on learning, students also tested raw and finished water samples in the plant’s lab and manned controls to backwash the plant’s filters.SUB

“This was a great day,” says Caleb Barnes, SUB member. “It was fun testing the water samples in the lab.”

“Each month when our Student Utility Board meets, they see and learn things about this utility that they did not know,” says FPU’s CEO and General Manager Britt Dye. “So far this year, they have gone behind the scenes to see how the water treatment process works, and they have worked with our customer service employees and learned how they play vital roles in who we are and how we help our customers each day.”

The November SUB meeting will highlight FPU’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. The youth board will tour the facility and learn how wastewater is filtered, treated and tested daily.

In the photos are David Posey, plant supervisor, Devon Balsama, Grady Wright, Josey Smith, James Keith and Caleb Barnes. Not pictured are SUB members Taylor Bryan and Seth Finch. At right are Grady Wright and Devon Balsama testing a water sample in FPU's lab.