A Letter from Fayetteville Public Utilities' CEO/General Manager, Britt Dye


 Power in resilience

CEO / General Manager Britt Dye


 Resilience is an important characteristic to have. It can mean the difference between accomplishing goals and giving upon them. Resilience is also essential when it comes to your utilities. 

 Resilience is a valuable characteristic. It is something we want to instill in our kids. Athletes, business leaders, politicians and others are often described as “resilient.” 

Resiliency also matters to your utilities, and it is something we frequently discuss. 

Resiliency is many things. It’s the reliability of your service, it’s our ability to restore your utilities efficiently, it’s being able to meet the demands of new technology and it’s how we serve you with various utility sources without skipping a beat. 

Ultimately, resilience is how we deliver on our promise to provide reliable utilities and opportunities for our consumers and the community we serve. 

When it comes to having resilient utilities, it begins with a system that is designed and built to withstand natural disasters, cybersecurity threats and other disruptions that could result in outages. Resilient utilities are also flexible and adaptable, seamlessly working together to provide you with safe and reliable electricity, water, wastewater, natural gas, cable TV, internet and phone service. The way our system reacts to advancements in technology all factor into the resilience of our utilities. 

Resiliency is a 24/7, 365-days-a-year task. Whether it’s the power lines, substations, pump stations, sewer lines, fiber or natural gas lines, it takes proactive maintenance and investment to keep them running smoothly. 

Similar to how we maintain our vehicles with regular oil changes, inspections and tire rotations, our utilities must also be adequately maintained. Throughout the year, we regularly conduct pole and line inspections. We inspect our gas and water lines and run a camera in our sewer lines. Our goal is to find a problem before it becomes significant. Doing so ensures that our system is as strong — as resilient — as it can be. 

We know that significant outages can occur, especially as winter approaches. From ice storms to tornadoes, we are confident in the resiliency of our system to recover from the situation with as little disruption as possible. 

In the dictionary, resilience is defined as “the ability to bounce back, recover quickly and go back into shape or position after being stretched.” When it comes to providing our customers with resilient services, this is our goal — day in, day out.