A Letter from Fayetteville Public Utilities' CEO/General Manager, Britt Dye

Honoring our crews



Coming from the electric operations department, I know personally what it’s like to work in extreme temperatures and to be called out in the middle of the night to help restore utility service. When you work in a utility operations department, it’s not only your job, it’s your commitment to serving others.

For these reasons and more, Fayetteville Public Utilities joins with other utility providers across the nation to thank our employees - those who work in the trenches and atop a pole - for their dedication to keep our utilities flowing. In doing their jobs, sometimes they put their lives in danger to help our customers. These brave men repair damaged utility lines, maintain critical infrastructure and build new utility services that are vital to our community’s success.

We depend on our entire staff at FPU to keep our system running smoothly, but this month in particular, we join with other utilities across the nation to show our respect and appreciation for all who work in the electric, natural gas, water, wastewater and telecommunication operations departments. These employees often find themselves in challenging situations as they perform their jobs and make our lives a little bit brighter and safer every day. Without their hard work and commitment to the job, FPU would not thrive. No matter the time - day or night, weekday or weekend - if your power, natural gas, water, cable or internet goes out, so do they.

Perhaps you have seen them raising their bucket trucks in howling winds and torrential rains, or in freezing, icy conditions. Perhaps you’ve seen them working in trenches deeper than knee-high, fighting back a water leak to repair a 6-inch pipe. Or perhaps you’ve watched as they squeezed in the tightest and muddiest of crawlspaces to install your cable TV service. Whatever the job conditions, FPU’s crews remain dedicated and focused on providing service to our customers. No job is too big - or too small - for our employees to complete with the same caring attitude and professionalism.

Our utility crews are committed to their jobs and are critical to our success. When customers call to report a leak or outage, our crews are quick to respond. They know that those they help are more than FPU customers; they are our neighbors, friends and family.

We appreciate what all of our employees do to care for our customers. But at this time of year, we celebrate those employees who work in the trenches and on the poles. We thank them for making sure our utility services are avialable around the clock!