A Letter from Fayetteville Public Utilities' CEO/General Manager, Britt Dye

FPU’s 24/7 Emergency Response

CEO / General Manager Britt Dye

Major storms could cause damage to our power distribution system. When this happens, our priority is to safely restore power to as many customers as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Summer is winding down; the days are becoming shorter, but we’re still in for some hot weather. August is a time for families to prepare for another school year, but it’s also a time to be sure you’re ready for severe storms. 

When bad weather hits and the lights go out, you can be certain that Fayetteville Public Utilities crews are prepared to respond.

Most power outages are caused by falling trees and branches. We work year-round to ensure that trees, branches or other types of vegetation grow a safe distance away from our power lines.

During widespread outages, one of our first tasks is to assess the damage. This helps us prioritize the repairs and quickly respond to any safety issues. This also explains why our crews may enter your neighborhood and leave without making repairs. Before we can safely begin restoration, we must first know exactly what is damaged. The safety of our employees and customers is our No. 1 priority.

Once we assess the system, we can start fixing problems. We prioritize the repairs that will restore power to the most homes and businesses. This typically means that we repair main feeder lines first, followed by lines that serve neighborhoods or streets. Finally, repair service wires that feed individual homes. If the equipment connected to your home — like your meter base — is damaged, remember that an electrician must make those repairs before we can restore your power. 


During these events, the more information we have, the better. If your power goes out, please let us know. You can always call our emergency number at 931-433- 1522. We will answer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also contact us on Facebook or Twitter. Never assume that someone else has reported the outage.