FPU launches Voice Over IP digital phone service

You’ve seen it offered by other providers, but now Fayetteville Public Utilities offers it, too! Fayetteville Public Utilities Internet customers can connect to digital phone service through their high-speed connection and get quality, affordable long distance calling.  

Sometimes called Voice over IP, the new digital phone service offers many of the features as your current hard-wired phone service, but you benefit by omitting long distance charges - in all 50 US states and Canada - with unlimited phone service. International calls made outside these areas may assess long distance charges.  

The digital phone from FPU offers different levels of service, so customers can select the one that’s right for their needs. 

Customers are also able to “bundle” FPUservices and select from the phone, cable and Internet packages available.   

Monthly charges for the digital phone will be added to your Fayetteville Public Utilities utility bill for convenience. There is a $30 activation fee for either Unlimited or Basic phone service payable when the new service is activated.  

Call Fayetteville Public Utilities at (931)433-1522 today to install your new digital phone service! It’s convenient, it’s affordable and it’s technology at its best! And best of all, it’s brought to you by your hometown service provider, FPU!